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realty360 group is a real estate investments house specializing in sourcing, managing, training and investing in unique real estate opportunities. Partnering with its vast private investor’s network the group is constantly raising equity and debt for its projects collaborating with its partners and developers overseas.

The group leaders are actively dealing with real estate investments since 2002, and since 2009 focus on American real estate – specifically in high demand areas. Over 100 development projects in New York & Brooklyn, and over 50 other projects all over the USA, had been led by the group’s management.

The group specializes in sourcing high yield projects with minimal risk and exposure for its investors by taking advantage of its leaders’ and developing partners’ vast experience. Our investors are taking part in various investments structures and activities (new development and reconstruction, secured and preferred loans, ad hock partnerships and special purpose funds) with secure and high yield potential, capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity created after the sub-prime crisis phenomena.

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Values & Principles

People and companies are often charcterized and judged by their values. Values are like a lighthouse. Its light guides our way in the sea in the darkness of the night. When we set up our group, we defined first our group’s lighthouse. Our values. From than on, every action we take, and every statement we make is according to these values. And we are very proud to succeed in following them precisely. Here are some of the main ones.


PEOPLE FIRST.  We know that behind every dollar invested with us – there is a human being. That person spent lots of work, efforts and time to make that dollar. Its needed usualy for very special purposes. To marry your children, to save for your elder time, to handle old parents, to buy a new appartment etc. We know how pecious that money is, and therefore we will take always actions that minimize risks, explain them, and see the whole picture for the sake of our investors. We think like a family and act like one. Because we will only let one invest if we would let our children invest in the same opportunity. Actually that’s how we will chose our investments.



LISTEN.  ATTENTION.  Listening carefully to investor’s needs and targets is crucial to our success. In fact we vow to always listen. We open our ears not only to our investors. But also to market analysts and trends. We actively listen. By listening we gather information which let us decide better and execute our plans better, and have always plan B.


VIEWPOINT.  Whenever we are in front of an important decision, we vow to take it after considering what would our investor do by himself in such a situation, and we strive to do our best that fits investors interest. As we usuaully know what’s on our investors agenda, as we do listen, we’ll always put ourselves in our investors shoes. That’s the right viewpoint to our opinion, and that’s how we act.



KNOW.  PREPARE.  STRATEGIZE.  PROFESSIONALLY. As the famous Chinese general, Sun Tsu, once said : “Every battle is won before it is fought”. We adopt specifically that, and we always try to “win” before we actually enter a new project. We buy properties “under the radar”. We do it by being prepared with the right connections, with a planned strategy, based on thourough knowledge of the specific area, taking into account all hurdles, and usually buy properties well bellow market price. And than we plan in a way, that if the rain suddenly drops, our investors will get out dry…


INTEGRITY.  “Live so that when your children think of Fairness, Caring & Integrity, they think of you”.  Integrity is chosing your thoughts and actions based on your values rather than personal gain. We chose that this sentence will guide any action we take as it says so much about what it means to be a trusted human.



TRUST. and CARE.  Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. For us, trust is also a business engine. The more trust we have from our investors, the more successful our business will be. So building trust is at the core of all our activities. And we care to cultivate it by taking care of our investors, their investments and their needs, with full integrity. As they trust us, they’ll tell their friends, that we are their trusted partners. We do not know of any better way to grow the business. So we always act to be trusted. We care. And we take it personally.

Taking care is our responsibility. So you can sleep better….

Structure & Activities

As we grow we must scale our operations in a way that each activity gets the right resources and attention while fulfilling all obligations. We need a structure that allows that, while following our values, precisely. We chose a concept of an eco system, of several companies acting jointly, each specializes in its own expertize, guided by the group’s management. Decisons and interests ar alligned to the same values and goals without conflicts. As you can see, in our structure below we have actually defined a scaleable active management of the group, investors mentorship section and financial advisory – all provided by our group’s partners. This eco system allows for each partner to scale, without impacting the other parties – while all decisions, actions and strategies are decided together, guided by the group’s management, enabeling economies of scale and investor’s centric approach.


Team & Partners

As our strategy, values and structure requires, all our partners are working together in a unified eco system, each contributes to the benefit of the group. We strive for a “Win/Win” way of doing business and cultivate this to any partner of the group, our  suppliers and our investors. We are one big family. And we take care for each other.

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Our Projects

We are very proud of our accomplishments so far. See below a map detailing some of our Brooklyn projects in the past and present. Currently it only represents Lior’s projects with its partner there, however we plan to enhance the map soon. The wider groups management was involved in over 140 projects in New York only, and over additional 60 projects in other parts of America. That’s a huge and valuable experience for our investors. Have a look.

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